Best Workout For Weight Loss 2019

Here is my Best Workout For Weight Loss 2019


Weight is a problem for many people and it becomes challenging especially when you try numerous workouts or change your diet but there are no improvements. Are you this kind of person? Well, we got you covered.
Most of the times people do certain workout outs that may not be helpful at all. This article focuses on the best workouts that will help you lose your weight within a short period of time.


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Interval Training

This is where you go hard on the exercise for a period of time, take a rest then go on with the workout again. This can be done before you decide to go for the high-intensity interval kind of workout which can be done in various ways. Another one is indoor cycling. This workout majorly focuses on your body muscles like quads, core and hamstrings.
This exercise is effective for weight loss since your muscles are incorporated which burns more calories because these muscles work with the use of energy. The more energy you use, the more calories are burnt.


This is one of the best workouts for weight loss especially when you do it in the correct manner. This is because your lower body and the core is engaged in the activity. For a start, you can begin by keeping your feet hip apart and arms on the sides. More so, you can hold weight in your heels.
After that, lower your legs slowly as you raise your arms to the front. Keep lowering the legs as you ensure that your bag is straight until your thighs and the floor are parallel. To be more effective, ensure that your knees and toes are in line. Do this daily and find yourself losing weight with time.

 Mountain climbing

This can be a brilliant way to burn your calories. It can be effective even without the use of a resistant band. The motion where you move your legs quickly targets your butt and hamstrings.
Tie a band to a firm post then begin from the glow and move away from the post in a plank position as you place your feet in handles. Optionally, you can decide to bring your knees towards the chest: do not touch the floor with the toes of the leg that is bent. Do this for one minute, take a rest for about 30 seconds and then repeat three or four times.


 Rope Jumping

Most of us did this in the middle class, right? However, this is not just a middle-class thing; it can be one of the few exercises that will really help you lose weight. Take a moment and do the jumping for one minute non-stop. It is a challenge worth trying.
The rope you are using should be equal to the length of your hands from one hand, through the shoulder to the other. Put your feet together, hold the rope at its ends and your elbows should curve in towards your ribs. Jump up with your feet together. No jumping in between; a single jump with a single swing of the rope.
After jumping for one minute without stopping, relax for a few seconds and repeat again.


Body-weight workouts

This is the kind of exercise that activates your muscles and makes your heart pump. The more you increase the mass of your muscles, the more you burn the calories; even if you do not do exercises.
Put your feet together and your arms on one side. Jump and put your feet apart as you raise your hands in to a jumping jack. After that, put your hands on the floor then jump your feet in and out.
Get up and raise your hands in to a jumping jack and repeat the procedure 10 times then switch sides and do it again then call it a set. Do this for 3 sets.


Kettle-bell Swings

This is one of the best workouts for weight loss since it involves your whole body, therefore, it is much effective. More so, they are of low impact but high intensity thus burns more calories.
Set your feet slightly apart then with both hands, hold the kettle-bell in front of you. Squat a little bit as you involve your core. Push your hips towards the front while you stand and swing the kettle-bell up. Lower your arms as you slightly squat again. Do this for 3 or 4 sets and don’t be surprised if you start losing weight.

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