Weight Loss Story – Real Case

Weight loss story

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At the beginning of 2017, I tipped the scales at 67kg. Being 5ft 1, I looked more than that. I was miserable and depressed, using food to cope with my emotions. I knew the only thing that made me happy was eating what I wanted when I wanted.

Weight loss story

Food gave me a temporary feeling of comfort, which became a problem in itself. Soon I was eating in secret, going to fast food chains and eating large sized meals, before going home and having tea with my family. As the weight started to pile on, my mental health declined. I knew my lifestyle was causing me to be mentally and physically unwell. I avoided going to social occasions and having my picture took. I avoided exercise, as walking up the stairs made me feel light headed and out of breath.

In April, my boyfriend decided to start his weight loss journey. He’d been suffering from physical health issues too. He’d joined a gym, changed his eating habits and was getting fitter every day. In 3 weeks he’d already lost over 6kgs. He encouraged me to join the gym with him so I could feel the same physical benefits. I was in denial and convinced myself I didn’t need to join the gym because I was fine how I was.

In May my stepfather died of pancreatic cancer at the young age of 47. He was misdiagnosed with diabetes, as he was overweight, out of shape, smoked and didn’t exercise. He was misdiagnosed because he was the perfect stereotype for diabetes, and pancreatic cancer doesn’t always show symptoms until it is very advanced. The death of my stepdad hit me like a ton of bricks, and it rang loud alarm bells.

That was when I decided I had to change my lifestyle, and if I didn’t I would end up facing the same consequences. In August I bit the bullet and joined the gym with a PT. I was scared, anxious and embarrassed at how much damage I’d done to my body. My first gym session was grueling. I was embarrassed at how difficult I found simple exercises and how quickly I got out of breath.

And my weight loss story goes on…

Luckily for me, my personal trainer and I got on really well, and as time went on, I began to feel more comfortable around the gym and started exercising on my own. Within 10 months, I’d hit my goal weight of 54kg and felt like I could push myself further.

I’m currently 47kg and hoping to get to 44kg. My lifestyle has completely changed for the better. I can run around after my daughter without feeling sick afterward, I can walk to the shops but most importantly my change in lifestyle has (hopefully) added a few years on to my life. It has also helped my mental health. I’m currently medication free, as I find exercise is a natural antidepressant that everybody could benefit from. Most importantly, I’ve learned how important it is to look after my body before I’ve had any serious health scares. I’m still learning to love myself and my body, which for me is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Self-love takes time and a lot of hard work, but I’m halfway there.

weight Loss Story

weight loss story

If I can change my ways, then anyone can. You can do absolutely anything you put your heart and soul into.

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